Age is something that tells us since how many years you are fighting a battle called life. It’s also a way of saying since how many years someone has been working in public service, private etc. Age does not set boundaries. Like, at thirty, you’ve to get married, at fifty, you can’t go to a […]

Being a part of society where talking and education about puberty and periods is still a taboo, I too was grown to imbibe those “moral values”. When the “D-Day” finally hit me,I was all irritated, fighting with everyone and was not able to comprehend the phenomenon happening to my body. I was experiencing a weird […]

I am Anshu Pitlia, Developer at Thoughtworks, sharing a small incident of a girl’s life.   Inspired from a real incident.  It was the last day of school. The final class had just finished with a couple of emotional exchanges. The destined bell rang, but no one was interested in moving out of the class. […]

Hi everyone, I am a 22 year old girl. I am here to explain the truth of life which we have to accept with a big smile. There are people in this world who are spoiling their life by blaming others just because they couldn’t get whatever they wanted. Let me explain some of my […]

Staggering through several days and nights in a career spanning two years in the IT industry and meeting numerous ladies while traveling new places, somewhere down the line, I figured out that we have to start off by doing a reality check and accepting certain basic truths of our life. Being a female we are […]

Jesal Mistry

Belief plays an important role in one’s life. You believe in what you think, what your parents told you to do and what society has taught you. It is belief that gives you the energy and determination for a cause. I am Jesal Mistry, working in Thoughtworks, Pune. I would like to share a small event of […]


Hi May I first ebullient my sincere and deep respect to you and the cause you support. Extending further I would like to share my story. I am Tuhin a software developer from lvs( also a simple boy from a middle class family in Jamshedpur. I was indeed an enthusiast success seeker from childhood. But […]


Hey All, It’s tough to describe everything in detail. So trying to be short and simple. In my childhood, I was sexually assaulted by my neighbour. Whenever my parents go out, they used to ask his family to take care of me. Then it all happened. His family is very known to us.  Now I […]

I have to remain anonymous but I need some suggestions which can help me in changing a guy’s mentality. I am quite an open minded girl and I am very comfortable in talking to unknown people. I occasionally drink on some special events like a birthday party or some celebration. Being a girl I understand […]

Hey All, I am Aditi Sharma from Muzaffarnagar, working with an MNC as a Developer. I struggled a lot to study and very happy these days. Everyone has problems in his/her life and struggle to make it better anyhow. When I was moving out for studies, my dad was not allowing me. Anyhow I convinced […]