Fly High Always


pallavi Mishra

pallavi Mishra


Like most indian families, I too come from a large conservative brahmin family. The responsibility of females in my family was just one- grow up and become good wives, daughter-in-law and moms.

I was, rather my immediate family was pretty different, my parents did not have a male child and they were happy. They decided that they will treat me as their ‘son’. I would really want to thank my parents, but neither do I have words nor my thanks would be ever sufficient for things they did for me.

This was the first battle my mom won over the entire family when she decided she will let me go to bangalore to complete my post graduation. For a girl from a conservative family it was a great thing.

I then never looked back, I completed my studies, I started my career and then eventually got married.

Friends its not always a battle which we fight with outsiders. More frequently we have to win the fights with the age old believes, family and our in confident self.

Please don’t fear before you take a leap towards your dreams. If your effort are honest there will be a divine strength imparted to your wings.


Ruchi Mutneja-  Pallavi Mishra is People Champion of Thoughtworks Technologies, Gurgaon. We are in a same company. She treats us like children and helps us a lot. She helped me once when i was crying because my dad was not allowing me to go out for party and NGO or for anything. Then she helped me to realize that its nobody’s fault. Its generation gap which create some problem. Your parents care for you and you have to behave in a way to increase their confidence on you and its not gonna happen soon. It will take time to build their trust on you and its depend upon how you live here and handle situations with maturity. Once their trust built, they will never refuse you for anything.

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  1. chandra mohan · · Reply

    Ruche Batte you are currect trust a strong and meaning ful word. in conversatipn or lictureate we can use in the curves of life our trust may offen scrattered,as four blind peopletouched elephent in defferent part of body and told as elephantis like a piller elephant is lke a rock elepheant is like a rope ect They are all currect as per there feeling , but they are not fully currect like that with out gathering full trouth if we keek a trust that will never with stand trust only a immegenery word
    Mohan Rathanavilla bangalore

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