Don’t be afraid





The time was around 12.30 in the afternoon. 

I was returning from my office in Greater Noida with one of my female friend. We were waiting for public conveyance, bus to be specific, to Noida. The road was typical Greater Noida road ; long roads, less traffic.

 We waited for about 15-20 minutes with no one around, when we saw a bike with two males riders. They came and started circling around us. We got a little bit scared and started walking. But then within 2 minutes 1 more bike with two males riders started following us too. On that lonely road we had only us and 4 male riders following us.

 I took out a small thermocol cutter which I usually carry with me for the safety purpose, thinking that might be helpful. I saw an auto rickshaw coming towards us. We decided to take it instead of waiting for a bus, and asked him to drive to Noida. The two bikes started following our auto.

 On our  way we saw a traffic policeman. We stopped the rickshaw there, and complained against the bikers. The traffic police was able to stop one of the bikes but the other one got away. Taking a sigh of relief  we moved ahead, when we saw the bike, that got away, again following us. It was too irritating. 

 They tried to frighten us by putting some papers inside our rickshaw. We tried the police help line number but it was unable to connect.

 After some time we saw a police station. We stopped our rickshaw there, and complained to the police. We also gave the bike’s registration number. Watching this the bike took a U turn and drove away. The policeman gave his number and told us to call him if these men again follow us. 

But after that the bike didn’t come and we were able to reach home safely.

Girls if you are travelling alone please carry any small knife or pepper spray with you, this will help you to escape in emergency. do contact to police and relatives in this kind of situation. always while sitting in an auto rickshaw, do note its registration number and message it to your any relative.

Your safety is in your own hands……..

Ruchi Mutneja- Apurva was my batch-mate in Banasthali University when we were doing our graduation. I have seen her doing her own work by her own and helping others to come up from difficult situations. She is very fun loving personality.

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