Rise and take your due



I have been a happy, smiling and fearless girl always. Thanks to mom, never thought I need to drop my dreams just because being a girl.

With the same free spirit I was walking from my office to the auto stand for the further ride back to home. Suddenly I realized an old man trying to match my pace was swinging his hands practically. I was surprised because when he smiled as his hand touched mine. I maintained distance from him and continued my walk. But now he became bolder as the street lights were low. This time the man’s act was beyond tolerance and hence I decided to teach him a lesson.

T-A-D-A-K with all my strength I slapped on his face. He was definitely surprised, may be his efforts never got rewarded this way. May be girls he molested respected his grey hair more than they hated his act.

Yes friends this old man was the age of my father or may be older.

The man however hurried away from the scene and I was back in my free spirit mode satisfied with the decision I had taken few seconds back.

Friends, I just would like to share with you all that please do not remain silent when someone tries to take any undue advantage of you. Your strong will may save some other girl.

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