Life has gone? No way!!


Hey friends, I am Ganga from Malout, punjab. I am married and have 4 years old son. My husband ran away with another lady two years back. I was left with no choice. I cried a lot because i loved him. I thought my luck is not my side. I cursed God for everything. I wanted to commit suicide but couldn’t leave my son alone in this rude world. I could not come out from my house fearing other ladies’s comments even there was no my fault. I came back to my mom’s house. My mom taught me a lesson by telling that it will be good for you and your child if you come up from this dilemma soon. Your son is not young enough to know all this stuff, make his life, live for him. Why you are thinking about the person who was never yours. Why are you crying if it is not your fault. Think about future, you can change your and your son’s future.

That they I promised myself I will live happily with my parents and son, and will find a way to earn money and send my child to school.

So I sell cups and glasses village to village and return back home in the evening. The one thing that I never forget in my life is SMILE. Always keep smile on your face which will help you to face any difficulty in many ways.

Ruchi Mutneja– Hey friend, she is right. I met with Ganga in the train when I was going home from Delhi to SriGanganagar. She smiled at me first and we started discussion. I have seen a lot more ladies who faced same issue but this lady was different. She has a smile on her face everytime which made me realize that life can be more beautiful than I can ever imagine. I wish I can meet her again. She changed my life. I wanted to help her but she is strong enough to face any difficulty with courage.

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  1. Saurabh Mangal · · Reply

    Read all the stories, this one is truly inspiring. Because of these stories I feel that one day our world will be a better place. I hope everyone will become self sustainable and empowered to overcome any kind of hurdles in their life.

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