Still Struggling, help me



Hey friends,

I don’t know who are you but still I want to tell you my story. I am in a good software company in Gurgaon itself. Basically I am from a small village. When I was selected in that company, I was very happy. But here i am facing alot more problems. Everyone is competing with each other. I am a person who just think how to improve myself, help others and nothing more.

My office people….

I wanted to know how and when they will take my suggestions seriously, they should at least listen to me. I accept that I know less than them but does it mean i can’t improve myself. Please friends if you are one them who feels that others are inferior than you, please don’t do this, because one can loose his/her self-confidence. You should help others to improve.



  1. sakshi · · Reply

    Hi, I think we all go through this phase at some point of time but then improve :), firstly it is important for nt calling urself inferior we all are unique in ourselves and ye all of us take time to improve, First of all I recommend that don’t try to make a *mark * maybe it’s too early for people to accept ur views or suggestion ( you urself agree that dey r v I tell I get themselves) Rather work on self improvement and give ur best shots at whatever u do! For example if ur bad at spoken English try and improve and side by side talk confidently with your colleagues in Hindi be proud of wat u have. (sidw by side work on it) just an example !
    I’m happy that you believe in improving and use this attitude to Change their judgements. Excel in ur best areas. let ur work be flawless let ur clothes be flawless let ur looks be flawless l, Remeber in school we never we had a math prob we wud go the topper of class for help? We ne ver went to the most popular people right? Bingo! that’s ur solution Make people fall in live with ur work, Also communicate with ur colleagues in general very nicely don’t give them advise but ask them how ask re they.
    Girl if u don’t respect urself how can u expect others to do it? Tommorow wake up confident be proud of wat u know and be even more proud of wat u don’t know cos atleast u have have a zeal to learn 😉
    U will rock the world with some patience .

    just 1 example in the last – Can u expect a girl from a village near delhi look smarter than Mumbai well educated girl on day 1??? but that doesn’t mean never with time and efforts you can shine better than ur colleagues 🙂
    all the best !

  2. hey..i know dere lot of struggles in life,me also facing some how same…
    but to tackle these typz of situations be yourself n stay confident,,,,n as i know u ,you will..
    all da best…:):)stay same loving ,,confident n cheerful.See one day world is yours..:):)

  3. Hello Deary ….

    I hope you are doing great and Flying high …

    I know you are a brave heart coz you have achieved a lot so far and hence will not say mucg a few lines which might of help to you in your current struggle –

    Sweetheart there will always be a competition in life , at times it will be with others at times it will be with you rourself – So please be cognizant of it but dont let the competition win. With every step you take towards your goals , you will leave a positive impact on people which will help them improve

    Secondly, always remeber that this world is a selfish place ( we have made it so ) , hence dont expect anything from your colleagues, friends and if possible near and dear ones too. It is difficult to do but no harm in trying it out. So next time when u want to share your thoughts , hold your head high , with full zeal share your thoughts – DO NOT EXPECT your team to adhere to them. Keep your efforts to improve on and you will see a change in youself and the world around.

    So keep Going – its your life , live it to your liking . Dont let others script it .

    Hope it will help you !!

    Good Luck !

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