Find a way


Hey, I am Anjana from SriGanganagar, Rajasthan. I completed my graduation in SriGanganagar itself . I wanted to go out for studies, but my dad didn’t allowed. At that time I decided not to force him much, but as I needed to move to  Delhi for my training and job, Dad again refused me. I couldn’t stay silent this time. It was my life. I tried a lot but he refused again. My neighbors sent their children out for study even in 11th standard. I had a dream to do a good job and help my parents. I told my dad about my neighbors and promised that i will manage everything.

I asked my mom to help me in the situation but she said “listen to your dad”, my every move was unsuccessful.

I am not a girl who just listen to what others say and can’t take decisions on her own.

Then I figured some other way to do the same. I started crying, didn’t had food for a week.

At the end my dad agreed and now I am in Delhi and doing my job in a good software company.

I can understand it was kinda emotional blackmail but It helps to improve my life. And helped my to become an independent girl.

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