Just shut up, am drunk but I know my limits

I have to remain anonymous but I need some suggestions which can help me in changing a guy’s mentality.

I am quite an open minded girl and I am very comfortable in talking to unknown people. I occasionally drink on some special events like a birthday party or some celebration. Being a girl I understand my limits, I’ll never go beyond it even when I am forced or challenged by a friend. And I think that this is the best thing about me. Every girl should enjoy but also understand their limitations.

Once I was very tired after continuous work of five days, so I bought a bottle of beer and was relaxing alone in my room. While I was having my booze, I received a call from my friend (male) and we were having a normal conversation. At that time I was not in a mood of talking to anyone so, I told him, “I am bit drunk and will call you tomorrow”. Instead of ending the call, he started talking in a sensual manner. I didn’t like it and told him, “I am very tired and I need some sleep, we will catch up later”. Still he continued the conversation and this was irritating me. May be he thought that I am too drunk and can talk anything; and he asked in his lewd manner “What are you wearing?”

His question blew my mind; I was full with rage and anger and felt like killing him. I scolded him and said, “What the hell do you mean? Do you think I won’t remember this question of yours tomorrow? Oh man! Why do you guys underestimate a woman? If she is drunk, it does not mean she is out of control and you can talk and behave in any you want. No need to talk with me and go away.” And after this I never talked to him.

After three to four week of the incident, he pinged me on WhatsApp saying “Sorry”. I don’t think he has changed. And I want to teach him a lesson, so that his view point can change towards a girl and he can never even get a thought of such an immoral behavior.

If it were you, what could be your action towards this??

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