Raise your voice or sea level?


Hey All,

It’s tough to describe everything in detail. So trying to be short and simple.

In my childhood, I was sexually assaulted by my neighbour. Whenever my parents go out, they used to ask his family to take care of me. Then it all happened.

His family is very known to us.  Now I am 24 and want to raise my voice against him.

He got married and having a child. The biggest problem is:

If I raise my voice, it will destroy his family’s life. If not, then it will discourage women not to raise their concerns.

I don’t let his wife and son face for his mistakes.

Am I getting emotional or doing right being calm ??


  1. Skywalker · · Reply

    You have kept your nerve for a long time. And I understand that there would be a lot of pain and suffering that you would be going through. I may not have a decision for you, but a couple of suggestions, yes, I can suggest a couple of things. And the starting point to this is by keeping your nerve the most at this stage, than losing it at the time when it matters the most.

    First of all, you need to confront the guy. You need to talk to him about the things he has done to you. Nothing can undo what has happened to you, but you need to hear a heartfelt apology and that guy deserves to feel the guilt. Or else, he may just think that he can get away with all that he has done. Talk to him, and even if for a moment you think that guy has no humiliation for what he has done and might do it again to someone, you need to take a serious step. His own daughter may not be safe in the future, if the guy is the same person he were when he did you wrong.

    In case you wish to take a drastic step against him, then please confide in someone. Mother would be the best choice. You would have a long battle to fight, and you would need support, mainly of your family. And with them, you can plan your sequence of action.

    In case you feel that the guy is not the same evil person he used to be, and decide to let him go away with it. You still deserve an apology from him and got to land a tight hard slap to his face. Yes, it may not make things better, but it would torment you less and you’d at least be fine thinking that someone else might not face a similar fate because of that person.

    Hope this helps.

  2. Alok Garg · · Reply

    You should punish that person and raise your voice against such activities because if these people are not punished today they will repeat again tomorrow.
    So there should be serious consequences else no one can stop this.
    Education is a necessary step to avoid such incident but that will take years and till we cannot sit with our eyes shut.
    So there must be serious consequences.

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