If U Lose Someone but Find Urself, U WON

Hi everyone, I am a 22 year old girl. I am here to explain the truth of life which we have to accept with a big smile. There are people in this world who are spoiling their life by blaming others just because they couldn’t get whatever they wanted.

Let me explain some of my life’s incidents:

In my very childhood my mom-dad got separated. My younger brother and I stayed with my mother. Now it has been almost 10 years that I haven’t seen my dad but I don’t feel like seeing him ever in my life and it hardly matters if he is alive or not. He has never been a part of my life.

We were not financially strong so I had to shoot for flipkart/Amazon or sit on the registration desk in Car events, and deposited my college fees, that is how I completed my studies and helped my mom financially.

Things were going right and I felt very strong and motivated. During all this phase my mom was always there standing strong with me financially and emotionally. She was there every time I was demotivated or broken.

I got a job in a good company and was highly appreciated by the manager. I got good incentive for my work and loved being there.

Then it all changed when a boy entered in the same company who was working in a different shift and kind of started approaching me.Our office timings were different but he managed to meet me every day. I didn’t really care at first. We exchanged numbers and started chatting. I loved being with him.

Things were going good. I used to spend lot of time with him. He proposed me one day and I accepted it happily. But all this time, I never cared about my mom, I rarely could spend any quality time with her. I was too busy in my own life and had no time for my mom.I never realised that she is one who always supported me and stand by me.

Then the phase came when the boy became my life as he was everything to me, much more than anyone else in my life. I don’t even remember when I last sit with my mother and asked that how she is managing her life without a company. My mom could feel the gap between the mother and daughter relationship, she tried talking to me but I was too busy with my love.

Suddenly he started torturing me, even he twisted my hand once and I got hurt. But all these things didn’t affect my love to him. He asked me not to wear short clothes and I took this in positive way that he cares me and wanted to protect me. Once he warned me saying that if I posted any picture with a boy on facebook, he will do sex with another girl.

But I took it in a positive way too, that he is being jealous.

One day, suddenly I realized that it has been two months and I didn’t get my periods. I spoke to him about it. I did the tests and they were positive. I was pregnant and the first thing I heard from that guy was “Let’s abort it”.

It felt like the cells in my body suddenly froze, and my brain couldn’t catch up to my heart.

He was afraid and the very next day he brought some pills and asked me to come to the office roof and forced me to take the pills.I never wanted to, but then I thought about my mom and took the pills.

After some days, I got my periods and keep on bleeding for 15 days. My mom forcefully took me to the doctor and she got to know everything.

She called the guy at our house and asked the solution for it. He said he will marry me and will go home the very next day to talk to his parents. He went home and didn’t come back. He said that his family is not accepting it and he can’t go against them.

My whole world was upside down.

I aborted and was having many health issues. My mom told me that he is not the right person, if he would be, he would  never ever have spoiled your career.

After 15 days he sent me a photo of a girl saying that this is the girl my parents has selected for me but it didn’t matter to me. I didn’t care about him anymore.

I felt so bad for not caring for my mom who was there during all these painful journeys.

My mom still motivates me and helps me to get distracted from this situation. Sometimes, it becomes very tough for me look into her eyes. But she keeps on helping me to overcome this guilt. She loves me alot and she is everything to me now and will remain always.

This whole incident made me more close to my mom and made me strong enough to handle anything in life because one thing I realised no matter what happens, your family will always be there to support and stand by your side.

I realised that life doesn’t end here, there is still more. If it’s not happy, it’s not the ending.

You can’t change your past but the future, that is still in your hands. You can still build the castle from all the stones they have thrown at you.

I looked myself into the mirror and felt the same strong and motivated girl. I was happy by finding myself.


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