Life lessons from the elderly

Age is something that tells us since how many years you are fighting a battle called life. It’s also a way of saying since how many years someone has been working in public service, private etc.

Age does not set boundaries. Like, at thirty, you’ve to get married, at fifty, you can’t go to a bar or have a party, at eighty, you can’t ride a bicycle. I do remember I was celebrating 2016 new year in Rasta Cafe, Gurgaon. I saw an old aged couple there, enjoying, talking to strangers and wishing them. They were as energetic as the young people out there enjoying the new year celebrations.

In September 2017, I moved to Bangalore and found a house where a couple lives. They are in their seventies. Not the same couple whom I met in Rasta Cafe, but equally energetic and fun people. I quickly became close to both aunty and uncle and used to spend some time with them whenever I had a chance.

Aunty used to come and talk to me about her kids, their education and how they go out every sunday for movie and dinner. She also invited me many times for dinner and I must say – uncle is an amazing cook.

Uncle does go to Yoga early morning, plays guitar and flute daily, cooks food. When asked about his guitar and flute routine and why he spends so much time on it, He says “he loves playing guitar and also if he won’t play guitar daily, he will forget it. So he makes sure to carve out some time to practice daily, which helps him learn more and more and keeps him in the rhythm.” He is passionate about everything he does and he does that with his soul.

In November 2017, Aunty succumbed to old age and Uncle lives alone now. Once, Uncle was watering the plants and I went to him and started talking about some random stuff. During the conversation, he mentioned me that people used to ask him how he managed to be normal playing his guitar/flute, instead of being sad about his wife’s death. For that, he said “How can we shut people’s mouth. It’s not like that I don’t miss her, but will moaning or grieving solve my problems? I don’t know how many years I am going to live, but I want to live everyday to the fullest.” He paused for a bit and said, “Death is a truth and we should accept that fact. It’s good that God took her before me otherwise it would have been tough for her to live this life alone (she had some eye problems, she was not able to see properly)”.

I was surprised after listening to his point of view and how strong he is. He is very practical about life and everything.

It’s difficult to summarise about such a great person’s life in one paper, but uncle did summarised when I asked him to

In his own words…

“I am Chandra Mohan,

Rift cladded parents, mom with hidden pearl of tears.

Dad’s figure was not in my memory cells.

As an elder son, Mom kept full confidence on me.

All the quality of my mom, still reflecting in me.

She never bend down in front of anybody including super natural power.

My life had an identity from Bombay,

Among ups and downs, I learned to hold bible in left hand and revolver in right.

Fire wherever require, preach and pray when require.


Just like others, Romance, love, wife, kids, adventures etc.

I completed all my parental responsibilities.

Like Emperor Shahjahan I have lost my Begam Mumtaz. Now I am alone.

Just like a roasted coffee seed. No self life.

Somebody makes espresso coffee and admire.

Somebody makes black coffee and spitting it on my face.

Is this a fate – I don’t know.”


Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live.

– Norman Cousins



  1. chandramohan · · Reply

    This is the message which I circulated on july 2018 to my circle and received roaring response to the concerned girl.
    People the rare of the rarest
    Rartna madams last hospital days. my daughter was too busy to get the discharge clearance faster House arrangement etc for me My tenant A punjabi Young girl name
    by Ruchi offered her present with my wife, Oxyegn michine &assreies short of fund with me
    SHE offered her cridit card and told me to drow how much i have require

    Quatening from Bible……..Juses told to his followers rich people came they offered only
    few coins to me from there bags. But the old ladyshe offered all the money what she was haveing
    How much you giveing not importend the MIND what you have offer me is importend

    to day morning after vacate my house she left for punjab. before leaving she offered a
    brand new guiter and told me stop playing your 50 years old instrument take a new sing as much as you can remember you never feel that you are lonely

    An un belibleable events Chandramohan

  2. chandramohan · · Reply

    Ruche batte masseags are poring about your presentation lession from ealdarley…………

    see few of them

    dad you are grate…………. Priya

    oh grate presenatian…………….Sapana

    Werewell ritten really touching……….Nickz

    W0w superb Velicha you rock………….Deepa

    oh the grate presenation…………………Prasana

    heart touching artecale;,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Prasanth

    Read article of u ,, very proud of u ellacha,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Sindhu

    Super very currectely written very inteligent girl,,,,,,,,,,,,Sreenevasa Lanka

    Beautifully presnted very good,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Nalayani

    Daddy u r looking awesome with new guiter,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Savitha

    1. I got lucky to know such a great person in my life. Thank you all.

  3. Sibananda Sahoo · · Reply

    Uncle is really great and a very good person in heart. Aunt was equally a pious person. It was beautiful time those days when we were neighbour to each other. Now also sometimes we meet with uncle during Diwali and Holi festivals. So nice to read the article. Thanks a lot to the writer (Ruchi) for bringing the short and sweet life note about uncle.

    1. its an honor to write about such a great person. Thank you

  4. chandramohan · · Reply

    Uncle I have read the Ruches artecale I was not able to control my tears You are truly an
    Insperation for youngsters I am missing you and Aunty badely
    An heart touching Presantition

    1. Thank you uncle.

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