Checklist: Daily social media monitoring in just 10 minutes

Checklist: Daily social media monitoring in just 10 minutes

Social media have established themselves as communication platforms of modern times. Communication does not only take place between individual, private users, but also between private users and companies. Companies can use the contact to create customer loyalty and strengthen customer trust. Social media monitoring helps to keep an eye on these social interactions with your company. The more careful you are and the more direct you react to it, the better off your company will be. However, monitoring can sometimes be time-consuming. With a good social media strategy, 10 minutes a day are enough for successful social media monitoring.

Why social media monitoring is important

In general, you always work on social media platforms towards a positive perception of your company. For example, crowdsourcing can be used to get opinions on your products and then improve them. Or you show empathy for important things that are happening in the world.

Always be aware that your behavior influences your image with social media users. This influence deserves observation.
Social media brings you closer to potential customers. In inbound marketing, content creation and subsequent publication is always the starting point.
Content forms the basis for all desired interactions, from likes, comments and shared posts to direct messages. And only through interaction can a community be built that stands behind your brand and your products.

When it comes to reactions, timing is crucial

This is particularly evident in every reaction to complaints: Customers often vent their anger publicly on the web. This in turn gives companies the opportunity to publicly comment and defuse the situation. In any case, it is important to react quickly. Studies show that users, especially on Twitter, expect a short response time. This is especially true for complaints.

However, full monitoring is difficult to achieve only through the performance of your company’s employees. Social media monitoring tools can help keep an eye on all interactions with your company without spending hours trawling through social networks yourself.

Relevant social media monitoring in just 10 minutes a day? – Goes!

A checklist helps to control and perceive the relevant social media activities. When you complete them is less important than the fact that you do it. However, if you set your monitoring at the beginning of a new working day, you are immediately up to date and can use the to-do list to control which user actions you need to react to during the day.

1. Checkpoint: 2 minutes on Twitter

First, pay enough attention to Twitter. Check if your company was mentioned. – This check is also worthwhile for the competition.
Search for relevant hashtags, terms or people for your business.
If you prefer to be informed in real time about your saved search queries, you can use the platform ‘s own TweetDeck . 

Finally, look for questions about your business or industry that you can answer. Because as soon as you present solutions, the users will definitely remember you positively. You should also react to criticism and praise – this is how you convey your appreciation to customers.

2. Checkpoint: 2 minutes on Facebook

Besides Twitter, you can also check the news on Facebook. The advantage lies in the notifications that you receive. Facebook notifies you as soon as someone interacts with your content in the form of likes, shares or comments, or leaves a rating or a message. 

Especially in the comment section of posts – both your own and those relevant to your company – you can actively contribute and develop a dialogue. 

Interactions in a positive sense increase your reputation and also your reach on Facebook. Means: the more interactions, the more likely you will appear in the news feed of other users.
By the way: bookmarks for the individual social media pages save additional time.

3. Checkpoint: 2 minutes on LinkedIn

Only business activities are considered on LinkedIn. It is therefore important to also include your presence on this platform in social media monitoring. At best, create your own company presence and use relevant content to inspire users and customers.

Even if there is little interaction with your posts, you should still use LinkedIn , check the reactions and respond to comments if necessary . 

Check out LinkedIn groups for discussions on topics that are relevant to you and where you can contribute yourself and your brand. Summaries of your individual LinkedIn groups are also helpful here.

4. Checkpoint: 2 minutes on Instagram

Once a shooting star among social media networks, a special feature has made this platform shine ever since. And that is the abundance of inspiration.

The focus on photos and videos serves media that people like. Everybody can participate. And the variety of topics is endless. From guides to how-tos to everyday moments; From production to the product: Complex stories can be depicted on Instagram.

Use Instagram for an attractive, visual company presentation. Check interactions with your own stories and gain followers. Because the company’s reach in particular grows immensely with an Instagram profile.

5. Checkpoint: 2 minutes in your inbox

Finally, once you’ve checked out the previous platforms, it’s a good idea to check your inbox. Did you get notifications from your social media accounts or  Google Alerts ? 

Of course, you must have set the latter for your company, your industry and relevant topics beforehand. If so, relevant mentions of your keywords in content on Quora, blogs, Google+ (or other sites) will send you emails and allow you to respond. In particular, reactions and answers to questions asked via Quora are particularly well received.

Comfortable: social media functions of the marketing software HubSpot

The developers of the inbound methodology at Hubspot have long since adapted their software to the use of social media. 

The integrated tools make it possible to publish social media posts and create campaigns for your content marketing – in one place. 

You can also track mentions, create and schedule posts, and finally publish and manage ads. HubSpot acts like an all-in-one social media toolkit.

As a digital agency, we are not only specialists for this extraordinary software, but can also support you in successfully setting up your social media marketing.


Social media monitoring is essential if you want to present a good image and interact with users on modern social media platforms. If you want to be comprehensive here, you need support from software tools. 

But: Even with a small investment of time, you can increase your reputation every day and strengthen customer loyalty. 10 minutes along the checkpoints on our list are enough to cover the most important aspects of your monitoring.

The good news for Hubspot customers or those who would like to become one: The integrated social media tool of this leading inbound software provides you with all the information you need in one place and you also save time.

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