Moving WordPress: How to migrate from WordPress to HubSpot

Moving WordPress: How to migrate from WordPress to HubSpot

For a clear and structured operation of their own website, companies prefer to use appropriate content management systems. These support content creation, management and archiving without requiring in-depth programming knowledge. A large number of different system solutions are available for this purpose. The best known include WordPress and the HubSpot CMS hub. Experience has shown that the first choice of CRM is not necessarily the best in the long run. Many companies subsequently decide to switch from WordPress to HubSpot. Therefore, in this article, we will show you what to look out for when migrating from WordPress to HubSpot.

Reasons to switch to the HubSpot CMS HUB

WordPress is extremely popular and, as the most popular CMS in the world, hosts almost 40% of all websites . Thanks to an almost endless number of expansion options via plug-ins and the open source structure, WordPress offers a high degree of customization, but at the same time requires a certain technical know-how.

  • HubSpot’s CMS Hub offers a complete package that includes all the tools for successful content management.
  • Content can be tailored to your marketing purposes as it is created, without the need for an additional plug-in
  • Likewise, the content and technical search engine optimization is already included in the creation process.
  • The CMS Hub is aimed in particular at marketers and offers a large number of included functions that go far beyond the areas of application of a classic content management system.
  • Customer relationship management , which is included free of charge , makes it possible to tailor your content even more precisely to your target and desired customers.
  • For more information on the differences between the two CMS tools , see our article  Compare CMS Tools: HubSpot CMS Hub vs. WordPress . 

To do’s for your move from WordPress to HubSpot

Make a plan

Get an overview of your current content, templates and themes used and take the opportunity to sort things out. Decide at this point which content should be moved and which is just ballast. 

Define categories

HubSpot offers a significantly more complex website structure than WordPress. You can group content into topic clusters and differentiate whether your pages are websites, landing pages, or blog posts. Categorize your content in advance so that you can enter it later and not forget anything. 

choose design

The move and the new tools of the HubSpot CMS hub offer you the opportunity to visually enhance your online presence . Use one of the many templates provided or design your own page templates in the practical drag-n-drop page editor according to your corporate identity. Create consistent footers and headers with the global content and provide your content with activating calls to action . 

Migrate to HubSpot

The previous planning now enables a quick and coordinated move to the HubSpot CMS Hub. 

Tip : Familiarize yourself with your new CMS in advance. For example, you canconvert former WordPress tags directly into topics , create campaigns orinsert  personalization tokens .

You are free to migrate your pages and content manually, or use a plugin to simplify and automate the process. A detailed description of manual migration and a list of the most popular plugins for automating WordPress site migration can be found in this HubSpot blog article . 


With structured planning and preparation, you can expect a smooth and speedy move. According to HubSpot, your data transfer will be completed in just over an hour . Take your online marketing to the next level with HubSpot’s comprehensive CMS tools and also benefit from the free CRM functions of the HubSpot CMS Hub. 

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