The year 2021 is coming to an end: high time to review the most important changes in the SEO field and look at the trends in 2022. 

Review: SEO in 2021

This year has seen many changes for you as a digital marketer to adapt to. Internet use via mobile devices and online use on the move continued to increase in 2017 . Thus, the relevance of mobile websites for SEO continued to increase. In addition, more information about Google’s Mobile First Index was released this year. According to Google’s Webmaster Trends analyst Gary IIIyes , the Mobile-First Index will be rolled out later than planned and will also be phased in.

In their ranking factor study , the SEO experts at Searchmetrics also came to the conclusion that SEO has increased enormously in complexity. In 2018, there will increasingly be no longer any generally applicable ranking factors, but rather industry-specific factors that online marketers need to consider. According to Searchmetrics, user signals such as the CTR or bounce rate are also playing an increasingly important role.

The creation of relevant content was also increasingly discussed in 2021. Content should always fulfill the intention of the respective user. For this it is more important than before to know and understand the needs of the users. With regard to the quality of websites, the online marketing industry was also busy with the Fred update in 2017.

Finally, voice search, i.e. searching by voice command , was a relevant topic this year. This is how many digital language assistants came onto the market. In this context, marketers are faced with the challenge of changing search behavior on the part of users: voice searches are more likely to be in complete sentences and complex questions.

Many of the developments in SEO in 2017 will also be relevant in the next year. Here are our SEO trends 2018 summarized for you:

user experience

In 2018, putting users first will become even more important when it comes to website design and content creation. If you want to please Google, you should first and foremost please the users. As a website operator, you should therefore definitely deal with the following topics: Optimize the loading time, readability and structure of the navigation of your website. Users should find what they are looking for quickly and easily . Understand the intention with which users come to your site and ensure that this intention is reflected and satisfied by your content. Keep track of user signals like bounce rate, dwell time and conversions, e.g. B. with Google Analytics , in mind.

In 2018, voice search will occupy the digital industry far more intensely than this year. In the future, more and more search queries will be made via voice search and the importance of voice search will also continue to increase for companies. The challenge will be to optimize website content specifically for voice search. Present your content as structured as possible.

structured data

Structured data will play an even more important role in the coming year. And not just because of voice search. Structured data is used to organize and mark up certain information on the website. For example in the form of lists or tables. This makes it easier for Google to recognize and understand the content better. Structured data can lead to the creation of rich snippets in the search results. The following applies here: The better you structure and label the content of the website, the higher the chances that it will be displayed in the form of rich snippets, rich answers, etc. Our tip: Use Schema.org .

Google’s Mobile First Index

Although Google’s mobile index is not yet the main index, you should definitely continue to prepare for it and make your website mobile-ready in good time . Our tips are: create the website in responsive design, optimize the loading times and adapt the website for local search and make it “thumb-friendly”.

Alternative search systems

Alternative search systems, i.e. specific search engines such as YouTube, Amazon, TripAdvisor, Yelp or Jameda, will become even more important in the future. There is a growing trend towards users looking for specific products or services there directly and not first using “conventional” search engines such as Google. So be sure to include alternative search systems in your SEO strategy to reach your customers exactly where they are. Optimize your entries in the search systems relevant to you and try to understand the respective ranking system well. Because Amazon SEO doesn’t necessarily work the same way as e.g. B. Jameda-SEO.

HTTPS sites/SSL certificate

The encryption of websites is not a new topic, but there are some innovations in this area for you as a website operator. Google will soon mark all domains without an SSL certificate as insecure in Google Chrome, which could have a negative impact on the click rate. Website security has gained in importance and is currently one of the most important ranking factors . There is also a rumor that the SERPs will continue to point out “unsafe connections”. This means that an SSL certificate in 2018 will no longer be an optional feature for you, but an absolute must for every website.

Development of visual search

The importance of visual content in the form of videos or images is constantly increasing. At the same time, the visual search in Google is getting better and better . In May 2017, the search engine took the intelligent recognition of images and videos to a new level with Google Lens . The assistant can already recognize buildings and sights and read books and films from posters. Google Lens can also identify products and capture and store handwritten notes without converting them to text. So be sure to follow new trends and opportunities and create visual content.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs)

Should I build my website as an Acellerated Mobile Page (AMP) or not? This question should concern many of you. However, opinions are still divided here. The biggest benefit of AMP is that they load mobile content faster than traditional websites. However, critics note that a well-optimized mobile version of one’s website can achieve the same effect. Do you have a news site? Then you should definitely not do without AMP , as there is a high probability that your competition is already using AMP and is highlighting Google news in AMP format. We are certain that the topic will continue to be important in the coming year. We think it is unlikely that most websites will switch to AMP in the near future.

How is content marketing evolving in 2022?

As we explained in one of our previous articles , SEO and content marketing are strongly connected and complement each other well. When creating content over the next year, here are some things to keep in mind:

Personalized content

The article Digital Marketing Trends 2022 describes that content should be even more personalized in the future : What can we expect in the new year? detailed. It is crucial to know what needs and expectations your respective users have and how you can meet them with specific content . You should address them as personally as possible.

Content optimization for naturally spoken language

The fact that users search differently with spoken language than with writing can already be seen in the wording of the search queries: instead of individual keywords, longer groups of words and even entire sentences are used . Content should therefore be optimized for these phrases. Also, create content that answers questions, such as: B. FAQ pages . Here even the use of colloquial language can be worthwhile.

Use of VR and AR

In 2018, the importance of VR and AR will also continue to increase in content creation. This is due in particular to the ever-optimized technology and the newly available products, such as B. the AR Kit , which is integrated in the new iOS 11 for iPhones and iPads, or the VR glasses Oculus Go from Facebook , which are planned for early 2018 . Become aware of the advantages of VR and AR (e.g. buyers’ emotional connection to your brand, greater authenticity and interactivity) and consider whether VR and AR are also relevant for you. However, it is important that you offer your users real added value and act thoughtfully .


The SEO year 2018 will definitely not be boring. Mobile first, voice search and virtual reality – all of this will keep online marketers busy in the coming year and will have an impact on both SEO and content marketing . The focus here is primarily on the user experience. In this respect, high-quality and personalized content is more important than ever. But the most important off-page factors such as referring domains and backlinks should not be ignored either.

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