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Life lessons from the elderly

Age is something that tells us since how many years you are fighting a battle called life. It’s also a way of saying since how many years someone has been working in public service, private etc. Age does not set boundaries. Like, at thirty, you’ve to get married, at fifty, you can’t go to a […]

The day I got my periods

Being a part of society where talking and education about puberty and periods is still a taboo, I too was grown to imbibe those “moral values”. When the “D-Day” finally hit me,I was all irritated, fighting with everyone and was not able to comprehend the phenomenon happening to my body. I was experiencing a weird […]

Do they deserve humanity?

Staggering through several days and nights in a career spanning two years in the IT industry and meeting numerous ladies while traveling new places, somewhere down the line, I figured out that we have to start off by doing a reality check and accepting certain basic truths of our life. Being a female we are […]


Raise your voice or sea level?

Hey All, It’s tough to describe everything in detail. So trying to be short and simple. In my childhood, I was sexually assaulted by my neighbour. Whenever my parents go out, they used to ask his family to take care of me. Then it all happened. His family is very known to us.  Now I […]

Just shut up, am drunk but I know my limits

I have to remain anonymous but I need some suggestions which can help me in changing a guy’s mentality. I am quite an open minded girl and I am very comfortable in talking to unknown people. I occasionally drink on some special events like a birthday party or some celebration. Being a girl I understand […]