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Birthday Present

I am Anshu Pitlia, Developer at Thoughtworks, sharing a small incident of a girl’s life.   Inspired from a real incident.  It was the last day of school. The final class had just finished with a couple of emotional exchanges. The destined bell rang, but no one was interested in moving out of the class. […]

Day will come

Hey All, I am Aditi Sharma from Muzaffarnagar, working with an MNC as a Developer. I struggled a lot to study and very happy these days. Everyone has problems in his/her life and struggle to make it better anyhow. When I was moving out for studies, my dad was not allowing me. Anyhow I convinced […]

Still Struggling, help me

  Hey friends, I don’t know who are you but still I want to tell you my story. I am in a good software company in Gurgaon itself. Basically I am from a small village. When I was selected in that company, I was very happy. But here i am facing alot more problems. Everyone […]