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Life lessons from the elderly

Age is something that tells us since how many years you are fighting a battle called life. It’s also a way of saying since how many years someone has been working in public service, private etc. Age does not set boundaries. Like, at thirty, you’ve to get married, at fifty, you can’t go to a […]

The day I got my periods

Being a part of society where talking and education about puberty and periods is still a taboo, I too was grown to imbibe those “moral values”. When the “D-Day” finally hit me,I was all irritated, fighting with everyone and was not able to comprehend the phenomenon happening to my body. I was experiencing a weird […]

If U Lose Someone but Find Urself, U WON

Hi everyone, I am a 22 year old girl. I am here to explain the truth of life which we have to accept with a big smile. There are people in this world who are spoiling their life by blaming others just because they couldn’t get whatever they wanted. Let me explain some of my […]

Jesal Mistry

Belief Without Compassion is Bad Religion

Belief plays an important role in one’s life. You believe in what you think, what your parents told you to do and what society has taught you. It is belief that gives you the energy and determination for a cause. I am Jesal Mistry, working in Thoughtworks, Pune. I would like to share a small event of […]


Don’t let rejections crush on you

Hi May I first ebullient my sincere and deep respect to you and the cause you support. Extending further I would like to share my story. I am Tuhin a software developer from lvs( also a simple boy from a middle class family in Jamshedpur. I was indeed an enthusiast success seeker from childhood. But […]

Find a way

Hey, I am Anjana from SriGanganagar, Rajasthan. I completed my graduation in SriGanganagar itself . I wanted to go out for studies, but my dad didn’t allowed. At that time I decided not to force him much, but as I needed to move to  Delhi for my training and job, Dad again refused me. I […]

Sarita Jethani

Step to be taken

  I am Sarita from Banasthali jaipur campus. I want to share best day of my life when i felt i did something for some children. After Diwali vacation i was coming to jaipur by train, at Fulera station i saw one 6-7 year old girl and 4-5 year old boy were begging. The girl […]


Life has gone? No way!!

Hey friends, I am Ganga from Malout, punjab. I am married and have 4 years old son. My husband ran away with another lady two years back. I was left with no choice. I cried a lot because i loved him. I thought my luck is not my side. I cursed God for everything. I […]

Pallavi Mishra

Rise and take your due

  I have been a happy, smiling and fearless girl always. Thanks to mom, never thought I need to drop my dreams just because being a girl. With the same free spirit I was walking from my office to the auto stand for the further ride back to home. Suddenly I realized an old man […]


Don’t be afraid

      The time was around 12.30 in the afternoon.  I was returning from my office in Greater Noida with one of my female friend. We were waiting for public conveyance, bus to be specific, to Noida. The road was typical Greater Noida road ; long roads, less traffic.  We waited for about 15-20 […]