Hey All, It’s tough to describe everything in detail. So trying to be short and simple. In my childhood, I was sexually assaulted by my neighbour. Whenever my parents go out, they used to ask his family to take care of me. Then it all happened. His family is very known to us.  Now I […]

I have to remain anonymous but I need some suggestions which can help me in changing a guy’s mentality. I am quite an open minded girl and I am very comfortable in talking to unknown people. I occasionally drink on some special events like a birthday party or some celebration. Being a girl I understand […]

Hey All, I am Aditi Sharma from Muzaffarnagar, working with an MNC as a Developer. I struggled a lot to study and very happy these days. Everyone has problems in his/her life and struggle to make it better anyhow. When I was moving out for studies, my dad was not allowing me. Anyhow I convinced […]

Hey, I am Anjana from SriGanganagar, Rajasthan. I completed my graduation in SriGanganagar itself . I wanted to go out for studies, but my dad didn’t allowed. At that time I decided not to force him much, but as I needed to move to  Delhi for my training and job, Dad again refused me. I […]

  Hey friends, I don’t know who are you but still I want to tell you my story. I am in a good software company in Gurgaon itself. Basically I am from a small village. When I was selected in that company, I was very happy. But here i am facing alot more problems. Everyone […]

Sarita Jethani

  I am Sarita from Banasthali jaipur campus. I want to share best day of my life when i felt i did something for some children. After Diwali vacation i was coming to jaipur by train, at Fulera station i saw one 6-7 year old girl and 4-5 year old boy were begging. The girl […]


Hey friends, I am Ganga from Malout, punjab. I am married and have 4 years old son. My husband ran away with another lady two years back. I was left with no choice. I cried a lot because i loved him. I thought my luck is not my side. I cursed God for everything. I […]